Welcome to the AI marketing revolution

Revolutionary AI marketing personalization that is intelligent, scalable, and human.

AI-powered 1:1 experiences

Increasingly, Artificial Intelligence is giving marketers a helping hand – reducing manual workloads and enabling them to interact with consumers on an individual basis. The next generation of AI marketing technology is here. With Mercanto, you can bring the full power of Artificial Intelligence to the most important part of your business: the relationships you have with your consumers.

AI marketing intelligence

Recent advances for artificial intelligence for digital marketing include the subfields of Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. These advances allow marketers to go beyond traditional customer segmentation and use Spotify-style personalization that recognizes the unique and evolving tastes of each individual consumer. Mercanto’s AI marketing engine enables you to easily create campaigns that resonate personally with each consumer.



Many retailers rightly want to highlight the richness and breadth of their product catalog and help consumers explore new interests. Mercanto’s AI marketing algorithms will point toward tailored products and categories for each consumer, but every now and then, it will offer something a little different to gauge a consumer’s interest. This creates coherent, meaningful product recommendations while maintaining the diversity of the products shown in the campaign, and thus lets the consumer have both relevance and diversity.


[Playbook] Welcome To The AI Revolution

Inside this playbook, we share practical advice and best practice when it comes to applying artificial intelligence in your digital marketing. Here’s what you’ll find inside: (1) How Natural Language Processing automatically extracts ‘tokens’ from product descriptions. (2) How a Spotify-style ‘taste profile’ enables the marketer to understand each consumer’s unique and evolving shopping tastes. (3) How Neural Networks take both product and consumer data and automatically rank products for each consumer. Please enter your work email to get the playbook.

Welcome To The AI Revolution

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