AI email marketing for travel brands

Every traveller is unique. You can add 30%-70% to email revenues by using each traveller’s tastes and preferences (realtime & historic) to create individualized email experiences.

Smarter travel marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence

More than two-thirds of consumers want travel companies to provide personalized communications. They want brands to use data to help them make better travel decisions by providing AI travel recommendations and expert advice. AI enables the marketer to analyze the traveller’s tastes and create individualized email content for each traveller.

Smarter Marketing powered by Spotify-style Artificial Intelligence

Too often, travellers must search through hundreds of deals to find the offer that matches their travel requirements. This generic experience doesn’t engage or convert. Mercanto is an AI email personalization application designed to recommend the most relevant destinations and products for every traveler.

How Mercanto works

Mercanto uses Spotify-style Artificial Intelligence to understand your products and each traveller’s personal tastes and their intent, based on their realtime and/or historical activity. Based on a combination of proprietory Natural Language Processing and Learning-To-Rank technologies, it combines its understanding of the products and your customers to recommend the best destinations and products such as packages, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, tours, and more.

Travel and hospitality: a new era of growth

The travel and hospitality sector is entering a new era of growth and transformation. Enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can enhance the customer’s experience, remove pain points, and drive real value. Mercanto’s drag-and-drop AI disrupts the status quo of email creation and brings the power of AI to today’s travel innovators, improving engagement, increasing revenues and conversions, and delighting travellers at every step.

True, in-the-moment personalization

Every traveller is unique. But most personalization solutions use historical data and cohort analysis of ‘people like you’ in the shopping journey. That’s not personal. Mercanto analyzes each traveller’s unique tastes, in-the-moment, to merchandise your catalog for their tastes. Don’t rely on stale data about what other travellers bought. Get true personalization instead.

Effortless personalization, zero latency

Tailored recommendations based on every traveler’s tastes and intent. Mercanto maintains an omnichannel ‘taste profile’ for each consumer which means you don’t need to rely on stale data about what other travellers bought – you can merchandise new products immediately based on each traveller’s unique tastes.

Adaptive technology

To ensure that email content is not repetitive and dynamically adjusts to consumer preferences, Mercanto keeps track of content impressions and adaptively learns via a Learning-To-Rank technology that incorporates the shopper’s tastes and product momentum, with an element of diversity.

Relevance delivered

Mercanto then recommends the best destinations and products such as packages, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, tours, and more. Each recommendation dynamically ranks and merchandises the most relevant images and reviews for every user.

Self-learning technologies

By using machine learning, the platform get smarter with every user interaction. The result is an email platform that understands travel like an expert, factoring both user tastes and popular/trending destinations.

Transformative results without changing your ESP

Rather than rip-and-replace your existing systems, with Mercanto you can deploy the AI within your current campaigns without changing ESP or configuring anything on the back end.

In-the-moment personalization

Mercanto uses Machine Learning to understand traveller intent and gets your customers the products they love in less time and with less fuss.This helps ensure travellers always find the products they are specifically looking for every time they receive your email and not products they may no longer be interested in.

30%-70% lift in email revenues

Travelers want—and increasingly expect—a continuous experience across channels and devices that is highly relevant to their needs. Mercanto helps you increase sales and subscriber engagement via AI-powered merchandising of your email campaigns. Self-learning, self-optimizing, & non-repetitive.

Algorithmically deliver true 1:1 personalized experiences

While customer segmentation remains an important method of gaining an overall understanding of the customer base, it can be limiting when used to drive more personalized marketing and communications. As travel companies move along the personalization maturity curve, they are progressing beyond segmentation to individual markets of one.

Consumer experience will build more loyalty than miles and points

For some time, travel companies have been working to build consumer loyalty by offering sophisticated loyalty schemes and programs. 2018 demands a switch in thinking to make the consumer experience predominant. Travel companies can use AI to provide an unmatched consumer experience. Loyalty will follow.

Personalized for each user

Email content is personalized for each traveller, based on their realtime and/or historical activity. The Mercanto platform combines its understanding of your products and your customers to deliver new, better performing campaigns that add 30%-70% to email revenues.

30%-70% lift in email revenues

Deploy campaigns in less than 10 minutes

Travel is a fast-moving industry. Using the Mercanto platform, marketers can combine the power of AI with drag-and-drop technologies to deploy 100% individualized campaigns in less than 10 minutes.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

The Mercanto platform is incredibly easy to use, operating in the exact drag-and-drop way you’d want it to. Select an element by simply clicking it, then drag the element onto the canvas. Then reorder elements by dragging them into any other order.

AI marketing intelligence

Recent advances in AI enable marketers to use Spotify style personalization that recognizes the unique tastes of each consumer. This AI-first approach adds 30%-70% to email revenues.

Sync with your sending platform

It’s easy to create send-ready HTML code that’s ready to load into your current email platform. The Mercanto platform works seamlessly with all leading ESPs.

Deploy campaigns in less than 10 minutes

Surprise and delight at scale

Effective personalization is the ‘Aha!’ moment you get when the shopping experience is just right, without much thought from you. Artificial Intelligence and algorithms now help understand traveller’s tastes and find products they may like and weren’t originally looking for. To do this, Machine Learning ‘learns’ the product attributes from the product description, rather than depending on either ‘people who bought X also bought X’ techniques or customer segments to generate its predictions. You can learn how AI personalization works in Mercanto’s ‘Welcome to the AI revolution’ playbook:

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Surprise and delight at scale