Mercanto for SendGrid

Personalize every SendGrid campaign with Spotify-style individualized product recommendations.

Unlock the true power of AI personalization

Make your emails hyper-relevant for each consumer with Spotify-style personalization built into your SendGrid emails.

A platinum partnership for online retailers

Mercanto, like Sendgrid, makes email marketing easy for retailers. The two together make sure every email delivers on the promise of 1:1 personalization.

Unlock the potential of AI

Quickly and easily create a better experience for your customers and boost ROI with Spotify-style personalization. Mercanto combines its understanding of the products and your shoppers to deliver new, better-performing campaigns, lift consumer engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

All the power of SendGrid

And thanks to SendGrid’s world-class email delivery systems, retailers and ecommerce brands can send thousands, even millions, of 1:1 personalized emails relating specifically to each consumer’s tastes.

Unlock the true power of AI personalization

Mercanto and SendGrid, Better Together:

At Mercanto, we approach email individualization the same way Spotify approaches engagement. Spotify keeps customers loyal by using machine learning to a) understand each person’s tastes and b) recommend content they’ll love. We use machine learning to do the same thing — with your content and your users.

Personalize content based on each consumer’s tastes

Every consumer has unique tastes. But most personalization platforms use ‘people who bought X also bought Y’ technologies. That isn’t personal. Mercanto analyzes each consumer’s unique behavior to recommend products that match their personal tastes. Don’t rely on anonymous recommendations about what other consumers bought. Get real personalization instead.

Easily create email campaigns

Use Mercanto’s drag-and-drop campaign canvas to create email campaigns that adapt content to each recipient.

Send with confidence

Use all the power of SendGrid to send, track and optimize your emails. Domain authentication, compliance and proactive ISP outreach ensures you achieve optimal inbox delivery.

How the Sendgrid-Mercanto integration works

To get started with Mercanto for Sendgrid, you’ll need an account with both Sendgrid and Mercanto. The only technical requirements are (1) provide access to the product feed, and (2) place a Mercanto tag in the header of your website. Mercanto’s Customer Success team will guide you through the setup process. Once you are set up, adding Spotify-style AI personalization to your email campaigns becomes as simple as drag-and-drop.

Step 1: a bit of setup

(1) Provide access to the product feed, and (2) install a lightweight JS snippet on your website.

Step 2: Create your 1:1 campaigns

Then, use Mercanto’s drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful emails that’ll render individualized content – without needing to know HTML code.

Step 3: paste and send!

Export send-ready code from Mercanto, paste into Sedgrid, and send!

How Mercanto works

Easily inject AI personalization into SendGrid

See how Spotify-style AI personalization can add 30%-70% to your email revenues in this short video:

Easily inject AI personalization into SendGrid

Ready to see the magic?