Create a Delightful Retail Experience

Surprise and delight shoppers with AI-driven personalization based on their unique tastes and interests.

A new era for retail

To be competitive and to grow, retailers must maximize shopper engagement and revenue, and make sure shoppers come to you instead of Amazon.

Stronger customer loyalty, higher conversions, and increased revenues

To build long-term engagement and keep shoppers coming to you instead of Amazon, it’s essential to make customer experiences fresh and relevant. Mercanto is an AI personalization engine for your existing email provider that empowers retailers and e-commerce brands to create AI retail experiences that are fresh, relevant, and cohesive.

How Mercanto works

Mercanto uses Artificial Intelligence to understand your products and each shopper’s personal tastes and their intent, based on their realtime and/or historical activity. It combines its understanding of the products and your shoppers to deliver new, better performing campaigns.

A new era for retail

Today’s e-commerce experience has plateaued not only for your customers but also for your business; conversion rates haven’t changed in ten years. Mercanto’s drag-and-drop AI disrupts the status quo of email creation and brings the power of AI to today’s e-commerce innovators, enhancing engagement, increasing revenues and conversions, and delighting customers at every step.

Deliver that all-important customer experience

Relevance pays. AI personalization helps retailers future-proof their business and deliver that all-important customer experience.

Determine shopper interest and intent

Immediately recognize anonymous shoppers and existing customers, and cater to them based on their unique tastes and interests. Utilize deep behavioral tracking and on-page engagement monitoring to truly discern what interests them the most.

Merchandise what your shoppers really want

Many recommendation engines and merchandising technologies use historical data and tools that promote “popular” products vs. what your visitor would really like to buy. Not Mercanto. Its AI can immediately know what consumers want for throughout your complete catalog – including new products – making sure that all of your products are being merchandised effectively.

Boost Average Order Value

Up-sell and cross-sell to your customer via sophisticated personalization algorithms, with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Enhance customer loyalty

AI email merchandising allows marketers to generate content tailored to each consumer’s evolving tastes. This decreases customer churn and enhances customer lifetime value.

Every individual, not every segment

Unlike traditional ESPs and merchandising systems that depend on collaborative filtering, Mercanto doesn’t target your shoppers via segments or audiences. Instead, it learns the tastes of each unique individual, using their every action to learn their sense of style, and showcasing products customized to their unique tastes and preferences – not the preferences of “people like” them.

Give I.T. a rest

Rather than rip-and-replace your existing systems, with Mercanto you can deploy the AI inside your current campaigns without changing ESP or configuring anything on the back end. Also, Mercanto includes preconfigured components you can use immediately so that it is easy to get the AI working in your campaigns.

Deploy email campaigns in less than 10 minutes

Retail is a fast-moving industry. Using the Mercanto platform, marketers can combine the power of AI with drag-and-drop technologies to deploy 100% individualized campaigns in less than 10 minutes.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

The Mercanto platform is incredibly easy to use, operating in the exact drag-and-drop way you’d want it to. Select an element by simply clicking it, then drag the element onto the canvas. Then reorder elements by dragging them into any other order.

AI retail personalization

Recent advances in AI enable marketers to use taste-based personalization that recognizes the unique tastes of each consumer. This AI-first approach adds 30%-70% to email revenues.

Sync with your sending platform

It’s easy to create send-ready HTML code that’s ready to load into your current email platform. The Mercanto platform works seamlessly with all leading ESPs.

Deploy email campaigns in less than 10 minutes

Fast fashion & flash retailing

Fast fashion, daily deals sites, & flash retailers all have rapidly changing inventory. Most personalization platforms use ‘people who bought X also bought y’ models, but that doesn’t work for retailers with fast-moving inventory because of the ‘cold start’ issue. Mercanto analyzes each shopper’s unique tastes to merchandise products the moment they hit the catalog.

True personalization, zero latency

Mercanto maintains an omnichannel ‘taste profile’ for each consumer which means you don’t need to rely on stale data about what other shoppers bought – you can merchandise new products immediately based on each consumer’s unique tastes.

Learning-to-rank personalization

To ensure that email content is not repetitive and dynamically adjusts to consumer preferences, Mercanto keeps track of content impressions and adaptively learns via a ‘learning to rank’ technology that incorporates the shopper’s tastes and product momentum, with an element of diversity.

Not just products – categories too

Frequently introduced collections/promotions are a popular model for retailers with fast moving inventory. Mercanto has the capacity to personalize not only products but also categories and promotions.

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Surprise and delight at scale

Effective personalization is the ‘Aha!’ moment you get when the shopping experience is just right, without much thought from you. Artificial Intelligence and algorithms now help understand shoppers’ tastes and find products they may like and weren’t originally looking for. To do this, Machine Learning ‘learns’ the product attributes from the product description, rather than depending on either ‘people who bought X also bought X’ techniques or customer segments to generate its predictions. Learn how AI retail personalization can add 30%-70% to email revenues in Mercanto’s ‘Welcome to the AI revolution’ playbook:

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