Personalised Email Marketing Powered by Artificial Intelligence

SAAS-based machine learning to discover and display—in real time—the most effective email content for each consumer.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

Drag-and-drop campaign creation that is built for the marketer, not the developer. You can drag any element into your canvas without ever having to use or understand any form of HTML or coding. Creating, testing and sending beautiful emails has never been quicker or easier.

Speak with each consumer

Make every email you send tailored to the individual. Effortlessly fuel truly personalized email experiences that resonate personally with consumers. Mercanto’s AI engine builds a ‘taste profile’ of each consumer’s interests that allows you to surprise and delight at scale.

Speak with each consumer

Better emails, less work

Automatically assemble the right content in real time for each consumer with our pioneering technology. Mercanto uses Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to automatically understand a consumer’s unique tastes and to assemble the right content for the right person at the right time. This personalized approach, combined with configurable business rules, dramatically boosts revenues and engagement.

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Tap behaviours across channels

Adapt the content of every email using each consumer’s activity – in-email, onsite, in-store, and in-app. At last, real-time email personalisation based on multi-channel behaviour is a practical reality.

Tap behaviors across channels

Measurable success

Measure and compare the performance of your email campaigns with revenue and engagement insights right on your dashboard.

Engineered with AI in mind

The Mercanto platform was engineered from the ground up with Artificial Intelligence in mind. This contrasts with traditional marketing cloud providers who have bolted rudimentary AI technologies onto their legacy database architectures. Mercanto’s AI-first approach enables retailers to provide consumers with fresh and relevant content at scale, using best-of-breed Artificial Intelligence (-Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning) technologies. This AI-first approach adds c. 30%-70% to your email revenues.

Engineered with AI in mind

Sync with your sending platform

It’s easy to create send-ready HTML code that’s ready to load into your current email platform. The Mercanto platform works seamlessly with all leading ESPs.

Sync with your sending platform

[Playbook] Welcome To The AI Revolution

Inside this playbook, we share practical advice and best practice when it comes to applying artificial intelligence in your digital marketing. Here’s what you’ll find inside: (1) How Natural Language Processing automatically extracts ‘tokens’ from product descriptions. (2) How a Spotify-style ‘taste profile’ enables the marketer to understand each consumer’s unique and evolving shopping tastes. (3) How Neural Networks take both product and consumer data and automatically rank products for each consumer. Please enter your work email to get the playbook.

Welcome To The AI Revolution

Or learn why retailers seek edge with ‘Natural Language Processing’-