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Mercanto Client Services

Some call it professional services. Some call it managed services. We prefer to think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

Boost your AI team overnight

Mercanto provides clients with all the support necessary to integrate the solution as quickly, easily, and successfully as possible. This includes guided implementations, best practices, and consulting services to fully maximize your ROI.

Artificial Intelligence as a service provides the 1:1 personalization you’ve been craving

Leverage our data science team to uncover patterns and actionable insights hidden deep within your data including algorithmic merchandising strategies, clusters, keywords, category modelling, and more.

How We Help

Mercanto’s Client Services team helps brands establish highly effective strategies around AI email personalization, with quantifiable approaches across people, processes and technology. Through a holistic technology and services approach, Mercanto enables marketers to deliver a measurable boost to revenues and engagement through deeper email personalization.

Identify Business Goals

The first component of roadmap creation is to understand your business goals. Based on the business goals, we can collobovaratively pinpoint strategies and KPIs that support those goals.

Review personalization strategy

This is a perfect time to review the current approach to personalization and what could be done better. Are you already merchandising products to consumers who have identifiable shopping preferences or tastes? Where are the gaps in your programme’s personalization experience today? From browse and search through purchase and cross-sell, our client services team develop impactful strategies to drive consumer engagement and boost online revenues.

Review product content strategy

To drive great personalization, brands need to rank their entire product catalog and decide in real time which products to show. The strength of real-time ranking is that it constantly re-evaluates the catalog looking for product content that may be suitable for each specific consumer. This enables brands to move from static content to an AI-driven personalizaton approach that constantly improves the way it meets your audience’s needs, and deliver great returns for your business.

Identify roadmap and success metrics

At this point, you have some solid strategic lynchpins in place: you’ve solidified your business goals, know the role personalization will play, and have established a list of ideas to make your campaigns a success. Now, it’s time to determine the timings, success metrics, and framework required to fuel your email personalization efforts and to find success.

Training and development

Our team of strategy and data science experts will arm your organization with the information and training you need to execute, improve, and measure your email personalization programs.

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