We are Mercanto

Direct marketing messages should feel relevant and welcoming to consumers. Yet too much of the content we are faced with online uninspired and impersonal. Because, too often, it is. But it’s not the marketer’s fault. How can you treat everyone as an individual when you have more customers than seconds in a day? We help you use the power of Spotify-style personalization to inject AI-driven content into your ESP. This AI personalization adapts your message in realtime for each individual, ensuring your campaigns are always fresh and relevant.

Our mission

We help marketers add 30%-70% to email revenues via Spotify-style personalization technologies.

Management team

Peter Duffy
Peter Duffy CEO, Product & Growth

Experience includes spearheading multidisciplinary biz dev team @ Zeta Interactive EMEA to grow ARR from $2m to $20m in 6 years. Cass MBA alumnus.

Juan Pablo Figueroa
Juan Pablo Figueroa Director for Data Science

5 years’ experience in the commercial applications of Machine Learning. MSc in Machine Learning from University College London.

Olga Krekhovetska
Olga Krekhovetska Director for Engineering

Expert in SAAS architecture, design and development. MSc in Applied Mathematics from Kiev University.

Dalila Alegre
Dalila Alegre Operations Director

20 years’ experience in building and leading Operations teams in high growth companies. BSc in IT & Management from University of London.

We Are Mercanto

We believe email marketing can be better, because we’re making it better every day. Mercanto is the pioneer of drag-and-drop AI email personalization: Spotify-style personalization that automatically curates email content for each individual consumer.

Mercanto’s Core Values

We go to work on a VESPA –


We work hard to deliver as much value as possible to clients. Whether were empowering them with software or educating them with best practice, we always strive to provide maximum value.Artificial Intelligence vespa


Embracing excellence makes us challenge ourselves to execute flawlessly and set new standards in digital marketing. To pursue excellence, we seek the best talent, and we promote professional and personal development. We aim to consistently exceed our financial goals and the expectations of our clients, our colleagues, and our stakeholders.


 In a world full of software that overcomplicates things, we aim to stand out as a breath of fresh air for clients looking to keep things simple. 

S is also for sustainability.  We own the responsibility to sustain our world and society in a balanced way, with the health, safety and well-being of people and planet central to all we do.  


We enjoy the work that we’re fortunate to do and the people that were fortunate to do it with. As crazy as it sounds, we look forward to Mondays.


With an ‘AI-first’ mindset, AI personalization at scale is Mercanto’s reason for being. We’re under no illusion that every customer will open every email, but the promise of personalization is much more than just an incremental bump in engagement metrics: it’s redefined customer relationships. Why waste bandwidth on content that’s likely to be ignored, when you can send every customer content that’s likely to engage them right now?  That’s why we’re ready and eager to help clients put AI at the center of their CRM program.

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