MailChimp & Mercanto

Ignite engagement at a 1:1 level with Mercanto & MailChimp

Create 1:1 relationships with every customer, even if you have millions of them

The combination of Mercanto and MailChimp is designed to provide 1:1 email experiences that dramatically boosts revenues and engagement. Mercanto’s machine learning engine understands your products, analyzes your customers’ tastes and intent, and applies what it learns to increase revenues and conversions, and delight customers at every step.

Build unique relationships with every single person on your list

If you have 1,000,000 subscribers in your MailChimp database, you can send 1,000,000 unique emails. Mercanto’s personalization engine precisely tailors your product recommendations to every consumer’s individual tastes and interests. Turn on the A.I. and watch your engagement soar.

Get more out of MailChimp with Mercanto

Brands can now create unique relationships with each of their customers thanks to a combination of Mercanto’s next-generation machine learning algorithms and MailChimp’s campaign deployment capabilities.

AI so powerful, you’ll swear it’s magic

Marketers can automatically recommend the most relevant products to drive revenue and engagement metrics. Since Mercanto’s personalization is powered by self-optimizing predictive algorithms, recommendations only improve over time.

Build revenues and engagement by matching each consumer’s unique tastes directly to product attributes.

Segmentation disguised as personalization doesn’t cut it anymore. 74% of consumers feel frustrated when content doesn’t match with their tastes and interests, yet email marketers continue to use the same legacy segmentation techniques that deliver just that. Mercanto delivers a huge uplift in email revenue by matching each consumer’s unique preferences directly to inventory in real time. By using our individualization technology, you will deliver a true 1:1 experience for each subscriber, driving results while saving time.

Boost revenues and engagement with personalized email experiences

By harnessing the power of AI, Mercanto builds a taste profile for each consumer and predicts what that consumer will want to see – and buy – in future.

Deliver massive revenue gains

Mercanto delivers a 40 – 80% revenue uplift by matching each consumer’s unique tastes directly to product attributes.

Achieve more in less time

Don’t waste time trying to manually select email content that appeals to everybody. Mercanto enables marketers to build and deploy 100% individualized campaigns in less than 10 minutes. One campaign. Millions of possibilities.

Launch in weeks, not months

Mercanto was built on the concept that on-boarding should be straightforward. Simply install Mercanto’s lightweight JS snippet on your website and provide access to the product feed. The integration with Mailchimp enables you to deliver the most relevant content for each individual consumer.

How the Mercanto-MailChimp integration works

To get started with Mercanto for MailChimp, you must have an account with both MailChimp and Mercanto. The only technical requirements are (1) provide access to the product feed, and (2) place a Mercanto tag in the header of your website. Mercanto’s Customer Success team will guide you through the setup process. Once you are set up, adding Spotify-style AI personalization to your email campaigns becomes as simple as drag-and-drop.

Step 1: a bit of setup

(1) Provide access to the product feed, and (2) install a lightweight JS snippet on your website.

Step 2: Create your 1:1 campaigns

Then, use Mercanto’s drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful emails that’ll render individualized content – without needing to know HTML code.

Step 3: paste and send!

Export send-ready code from Mercanto, paste into Mailchimp, and send!

How Mercanto works

Inject AI personalization into MailChimp

See how Spotify-style AI personalization can add 30%-70% to your email revenues in this short video:

Inject AI personalization into MailChimp

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