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Live casino Malaysia is gaining traction among the people and it is not surprising that this has made waves on our shores.

Due to that, it is absolutely necessary that online casinos Malaysia be equipped with a complete selection of online casino games that players can enjoy without having to switch sites.

The trip to Genting Casino is not just tiring and time-consuming, it also costs an amount of money for the accommodations and meals.

Therefore, once the live casino online Malaysia was founded, people totally changed their behaviour and started to bet on the online betting platforms, to save money and time, while enjoying more benefits and advantages.

Hot & Latest Live Dealer Games Online

As the biggest online betting platform in Southeast Asia, We1Win provides all the hottest and latest live casino games, served by live dealers and in the safest environment.

These live casino games include all popular games available in most land-based casinos worldwide. Also, with some trendy or unique games which are seldom to be seen in other casinos but interesting.

We1Win is determined to maintain its reputation as the safest and most reliable live casino online Malaysia, where the live casino games are played in the most secure and fair condition.

During the live casino games, the scenes are presented on a high-quality screen. The live camera captures the full area of the table, without any hidden angle. We give full transparency to ensure that our betting games are fair and square.

Online Roulette Online Malaysia

Online roulette is one of the common table games in every casino worldwide.

Built with a large spinning circle board with numbers 1 to 34 on it, online roulette provides various betting options including the most simple odd/even, red/black and big/small. Also, with more challenging options such as Straight/Single, Split, Street, Corner/Square or Six Line/Double Street.

Come to play the wheel of fortune in the live casino online Malaysia, to see if your lucky number could give you some prizes as the wheel stopped on it.

Online Poker Texas Hold’em

Interested in poker games? Come and show your skills and courage in the card games online.

Poker card game is a common betting event among Malaysians, especially during the Chinese New Year, people like to play blackjack or Texas Hold’Em among friends and family.

Poker is another major section of the live casino online Malaysia. With fancy graphics and attractive visual effects, it grabbed many players to join the battle among them.

Texas Hold’Em is the most famous online poker game worldwide, you are surely invited to bet with your strong funds and courage, to see who is the Poker King. You can also explore other types of poker online. For instance, Pot Limit Omaha, Caribbean Stud Poker, Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Zynga Poker, and more.

Live Baccarat Gambling Games

Join the most popular table game in all the physical casinos worldwide at We1Win now!

Live baccarat has the most tables in every casino, gathered by most players to bet on the card games by challenging the dealers. This betting game is available in We1Win, the trusted live casino online Malaysia, with plenty of tables and live dealers.

With many players joining our games, you can now share the excitement with others to see who is the lucky one on the table.

Live Blackjack Games

Feel the stimulation by playing live blackjack 21 in an online casino Malaysia.

As one of the most popular table games in casinos worldwide, Blackjack is famous for its game method of counting points. The closer your card points to 21, the closer you could win the game.

Blackjack not just needed luck for your first two cards, it also required your guts to dare the dealers, where you might win the game with fewer points.

Live Sic Bo Online

Not in favour of card games? Not to worry, as there are also dice games ready for you in the casino online!

Live sic bo is a game where the dealers keep three dice in a covered cylinder, and players bet on the results after dealers shook the cylinder.

You can bet on various results of the dice such as the basic big/small, odd/even, Specific Doublues, Specific Triples or Alls. The more complicated your chosen option, the higher the odds.

Live Dragon and Tiger

Live dragon and tiger is the second most popular table game in live casino online Malaysia.

Its playing method is simple the dealer puts a card on each side of Dragon and Tiger, and players bet on their results including big/small, red/black and odd/even.

For players who like to quickly play for every round, this is a good choice for them as each round could be done for around two to three minutes.

Popular Live Casino Malaysia Software Providers

We1Win serves as a one-stop destination for live casino online Malaysia, with plenty of software providers in our platform, each has its own strength and features.

As a new member, you can experience each vendor to find out your favourite one. Rest assured, every provider is trusted and under a solid collaboration with our platform.

With varying layout designs, settings, and real dealer appearances, it will be certain for you to find something that will suit your liking.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a modern live casino games provider that uses the Europe betting system. Offers you updated games and trending betting methods, giving you an extraordinary gambling experience.

Get various common casino games now, also some rare games such as Fan Tan and more. Explore highly entertaining live dealer games here! Will definitely make you mesmerised and come back for more!

Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming is a game developer based in the Asian region and serves multiple live casino games suitable for Asian players, especially the Chinese community.

Their live dealers appear in graceful uniforms to make the game scene more charming, also in sexy dresses at certain tables. Feel free to interact with our live dealers just like how you bet in Genting Casino.

Sexy Gaming

In this competitive world of the gambling industry, each game developer tries hard to be the star and provide an assortment of content. Sexy Gaming by its name featured live dealers who appear in bikinis or hot costumes.

Bet with all the professional and knowledgeable live dealers with Sexy Gaming. Watch out! As the distraction might challenge you to focus on your cards!

BIG Gaming

BIG Gaming live casino online Malaysia featured its great backend performance, where their games could be accessed quickly with smooth loading.

Their interface and layout are clear and simple, letting players view and visit every section easily.

Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming comes with the theme of ancient Chinese, giving the players another interesting style while betting online.

The layout, visual and sound effects are presented with an antiquity concept, set as another distinguishing feature of live casino online Malaysia.

SA Gaming

SA Gaming, the live dealers mostly appear in formal black uniforms to show professionalism, but are friendly and have bright smiles during the game.

SA Gaming is reputed for its performance in mobile devices, which has been nominated for the award of Innovation in Mobile.

AllBet Gaming

AllBet is one of the leading software providers in live casino online Malaysia, which gives a full spectrum of casino games.

Choose your preferable live casino games such as online baccarat, live blackjack, sic bo, dragon tiger, and more.

eBet Gaming

eBet has the unique selling point that their live scenes are presented in various backgrounds, and their live dealers are presented in multiple costumes.

Lay a bet at the games now with real money through your desktop or mobile device.

WM Gaming

WM Live is one of the cutting-edge live casino software that is available on most online gambling platforms. They are popular with immersive and innovative live casino games.

You will surely gain an unforgettable experience!

Bet with Premier Live Casino Dealer

Play betting games in the safest condition and secured environment of a live casino online Malaysia, while serving by premier live dealers!

Through collaborations with all those reputed vendors, We1Win provides many premium live casino dealers which are highly experienced and have fine skills.

Not just multiple dressing styles, our live dealers are also available in various nationalities, including Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans and Arabians, surely one of them is right to your favourite.

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