Learn These Expert Tips To Win More In Blackjack


Boost Your Blackjack With These Tips

Blackjack online is thought to have originated in China as “pai gow”. In this variation, players were handed cards face down and had to predict whether their hands were higher or lower than their opponents’ hands. When it arrived in Europe, it was played with an unique deck sans jokers known as “vingt-et-un” in France and “twenty-one” in English-speaking nations.


Blackjack Tips

1. Soft Hands

In blackjack, soft hands refer to the number of cards you hold that can be considered as an advantage over the dealer’s hand. If you just have one card, you have a sticky hand; if you have two or more cards, you have a soft hand.

The idea behind soft hands is that if you have more than one card that can help your hand beat the dealer’s, then it’s better for you to hit another card and try to get more of those cards in your hand.
Let’s say we’re playing Blackjack in casino live Malaysia with a soft 17—that means we’d already counted our first card as an ace (which gives us 17), and then we got another ace in our second draw. That would give us 18—a hard 18—but because we didn’t want to bust on our first draw and make our hand worse (so now we’d be playing with 19 instead), we drew another card and ended up getting another ace! Now we’ve got a total of 21—a soft 21!

2. Hit Or Stand

In blackjack, there are two phases: hit and stand. In this phase, players can ask for additional cards to make their hand closer to 21 or “bust” (go over 21). Players with Aces and no 10-value cards may hit as many times as they want; otherwise, they must stand.

The player wins back his or her bet plus one unit if they stand with 21 or less. If he or she has 22 or more and chooses to stand, the player loses the bet. If they have 21 or less and choose to hit, they have lost their bet unless their total exceeds 21 before drawing any cards.

3. Doubling Down

Doubling down is a move in the game of blackjack that allows you to double your bet and receive one more card, but only if the dealer’s face-up card is a value of ten or higher. This move can only be made when your hand is equal to or less than twenty-one.

Let’s say there are two cards left in the deck: a queen and a jack. If you have an ace and a ten, doubling down would be the best move for you, because the queen will make your hand worth 21 points.

4. Splitting

Splitting in blackjack is when you split your two cards, so that you have one card for each of your hands. You can only split if you have an ace and a card with a denomination less than or equal to 10. When you split, you double your bet, but you can only split once per hand. You can split on the same hand as hitting or standing.

5. Strict Budget

A strict budget is a strategy in Blackjack that involves sticking to the same amount of money you started with, no matter what happens. You can use a strict budget if you want to avoid affecting the outcome of your game at all.

For example: if you’re playing Blackjack and have $100 in your pocket, then decide to play with a strict budget of $100. If you lose $50 in one hand of blackjack, then your strict budget will take effect and prevent you from spending additional money on the next hand.

6. Avoid Side Bet

There are a lot of reasons to avoid side bets in blackjack. For example, if you bet on whether the dealer will bust or not, you’ll probably lose about half the time. And even if you win, you won’t win a lot!

7. Ignore All Advice From Dealers Or Others

Dealers are often trying to get you to bet more than you should. They want as much of your money as possible so they can make a profit for themselves. This incentive can lead them to offer advice that isn’t in your best interest.

Other players don’t have all the information about the game that you do—for example, they might not know that there’s a 10% chance or higher that they’ll bust (lose all their money). You might think they’re telling you something helpful when they’re actually just repeating bad advice they heard from someone else earlier in the day!

8. Never Take Insurance

In Blackjack, insurance is a bet that the dealer has a blackjack and you don’t. If your hand is a 10 or 11, you shouldn’t take insurance. The reason for this is that if the dealer does actually have a Blackjack, you’ll lose your bet (which will be 1/3 of your original wager), but if she doesn’t have one, then you’ve lost nothing.

9. Tipping The Dealer

Tipping the dealer in blackjack is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. It also helps them keep track of how much you’re betting and gives them an incentive to help you win more often. When you tip the dealer, it’s not just about showing appreciation for their hard work—it’s about helping them keep track of how much you’re betting so that they can help you win more often.


For the majority of the game, blackjack is the best game for those who do not wish to think about strategies. For the experts, it is a simple game but you still need to use effective techniques that will give you an advantage.

Practice these strategies so that you can become a pro at Blackjack and win more money!