How Valorant Esports Betting Works In Malaysia

Esports In Malaysia

Valorant Esports In Malaysia Strategies For Beginners

To get started betting on esports, you will need to know where to bet and who to bet with. There are a number of companies offering betting on esports but not all of them provide good options and value. In this article we will show you some of the best companies for betting on esports in Malaysia, as well as how to find their sites, what kinds of bets they offer, and how much money you can expect to win (or lose) when placing your bets online.

Betting Tips For Valorant Betting Beginners

  • Bet For Value
  • Manage Your Financial Responsibility
  • Remain Selective On The Betting
  • Analyse The Stats For The Game
  • Ignore Your Personal Biases

1. Bet For value

Betting for value is betting on a team or player of Valorant who has a higher chance of winning. You need to do your research and know the odds. You need to have a good understanding of the game, and understand the players and their skill level. The esports in Malaysia is growing rapidly, so it will be easier for you to find information about them online.

2. Manage Your Financial Responsibility

Betting responsibly is the key to success in any online game, and esports is no exception. You need to make sure that you have a good handle on your money management skills so that you can keep a steady stream of income coming in. The best way to do this is by setting aside a specific amount of money for betting each month and then sticking to it religiously until the end of the month arrives.

3. Remain Your Selective On The Betting

Here are some things you do not have to bet on: Every game, every team, every player and map. You can also skip betting on tournaments, leagues and sports. This is especially true if you’re a beginner or don’t have much experience in esports in Malaysia yet.

4. Analyse The Stats For The Game

Once you have chosen your game, it’s time to analyse the stats for that game. Most bookmakers offer a variety of options when it comes to this, such as pre-game and live betting. You can also choose to bet on different outcomes such as first blood or objective achievements (such as first tower destroyed). Understanding these types of stats will help you make better decisions when choosing a team or player to support in order to win your bets.

5. Ignore Your Personal Biases

When you bet ion esports in Malaysia, it’s important to avoid letting your personal biases get in the way of making good betting decisions. This can be a challenge for some people who are new to esports betting Malaysia because they don’t fully understand how it works yet. A lot of people have preconceived notions about certain teams or players.

Study The Maps

Maps are important to understand how the game is played. A map is a playing field for you and your team to play in. It can be an open area or closed, vertical or horizontal and some maps have certain areas that are better for certain characters and weapons.
Maps can also have symmetry which means that it’s a mirror image of itself or asymmetry which means it’s not symmetrical at all!

1. Pearl

Pearl is a map that is mostly played on the Assault side. This map has two asymmetrical lanes, one on each side of the map. The most popular strategy in Pearl is called “aggressive open-defending”, which means that you will have at least 1 defender positioned behind their spawn while they wait for the enemy team to attack them so they can push back into their base and kill them.
Pearl can be difficult for beginners because there are several ways to rotate around this map and it can be hard to decide which route will give your team an advantage over the other team’s position at any given time.

2. Fracture

Fracture is a 5v5 map, meaning there are five players on each team. The map has three lanes and a jungle. Each lane is longer than the other two, with the middle lane being noticeably longer than both top and bottom lanes. The top and bottom lanes are shorter, but also narrower than the middle lane. The jungle has many trees and bushes which can be used to hide from your enemies or trick them into thinking you’re somewhere else when really you’re waiting to ambush them!

3. Breeze

Breeze is a map that has a lot of verticality and is a very good map for snipers. The map also has an open area where you can sit back and heal your teammates. It’s great for Mercy as she can fly around the map and heal her teammates with no problem at esports in Malaysia.

4. IceBox

IceBox is a map that is very good for snipers. It has a lot of open spaces, but also plenty of hiding places. This makes it the perfect map for teams that prefer to play with sniper rifles, as it allows them to get their kills from afar and not worry about being caught off guard from close range.

The IceBox is one of the more popular esports in Malaysia, so if you want your team to perform well on this map, here are some tips:

  • Use the hills and corners of buildings as cover when sniping or running away from an enemy who’s also using a sniper rifle
  • One thing that most players don’t realise about Icebox is how important it is to have control over certain areas at all times.

5. Bind

We’ve talked about a lot of esports in Malaysia but it’s time to talk about Bind. Bind is a five-on-five battle royale game that takes place on a large map. It features players dropping into the map from an airplane and gathering weapons, equipment, and vehicles while trying to stay alive as long as they can.

6. Haven

Haven is a map that is good for snipers. It has a lot of cover, so you can hide and pick off people. Haven also has high ground that makes it easy to get to the high ground and snipe your enemies down. This can be a problem on this map because there are no real places where you can easily escape the enemy sniper fire if they have the advantage in terms of equipment.

7. Ascent

Ascent is a map that features a lot of verticality, which means that it’s a great place to use Pathfinder’s Airtime ability. To get the most out of the Pathfinder’s Airtime ability, you should always look for high ground above your opponent before jumping off a cliff. This gives you more time to prepare their location before they have time to react.
Once you’ve jumped into air, aim yourself towards your intended target below by aiming at them with your crosshair while airborne. If done correctly, this can allow you to land on top of them or near them after landing from your jump

Where Can You Bet On Esports?

It’s no secret that esports in Malaysia betting is a massive industry. The potential for profit and entertainment is so big that even traditional sportsbooks are joining the fray. There are a number of notable operators who are currently offering wagering opportunities on esports events, including Betway and Betspawn and more.


Hopefully that these tips will help you to start betting on esports. Remember, it is not just about winning but also having fun and learning from your mistakes. It is important to keep learning because esports is still in its early stages and the market can change quickly.