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Try Mercanto for SendGrid – and we won’t ask you to pay until we start creating real value for you.

Try Mercanto for SendGrid

Discover how to delight your customers with every engagement. Mercanto for SendGrid makes it easy to create long-lasting relationships with your audience. Sign up today and:

  1. Build a taste profile of each shopper’s unique tastes and interests.
  2. Use a ranking algorithm to merchandise the best content for each shopper.

By knowing each shopper’s preferences across multiple sessions and transactions, Mercanto determines the best content for each individual shopper; we amplify the content a customer expresses interest in, and mute the content they do not.

Mercanto is an approved SendGrid partner – so setup is easy.

Qualified retailers can receive a generous free trial – no credit card or commitment required. Restrictions apply.

Please complete this form if you’d like to give the platform a try.

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