Emarsys and Mercanto

Harness the power of machine learning to deliver hyper-relevant emails.

Use machine learning to deliver a completely 1:1 personalized experience in your Emarsys email campaigns.

In today’s 1:1 economy, where customers are demanding a more relevant, personal, and timely user experience, marketers are seeking enhanced, data-driven methods to engage their customers. The pairing of Emarsys and Mercanto enables marketers to build customized user experiences through the automation and personalization of emails at scale.

Emarsys AI personalization

Emarsys clients can now activate Mercanto’s predictive engine on top of their existing email campaigns. Mercanto’s machine-learning, automation, and personalized content recommendations enable brands to realize significant increases in email revenues while dramatically reducing time spent building and delivering emails.

Superior User Experiences

Mercanto’s technology works by building a behavior-based taste profile for every individual on a website and then coupling this digital fingerprint with a deep semantic understanding of a website’s content or products. This two-fold approach enables marketers to populate emails with fully automated product recommendations designed to create a highly engaging user experience tailored to each recipient.

AI layer

This means that you can up your marketing game with AI-driven content while still using Emarsys’ excellent segmentation, sending, deliverability and tracking capabilities. Think of it like adding an artificial intelligence layer on top of Emarsys.

How the integration works

To get started, you’ll need an account with both Emarsys and Mercanto. The only technical requirements are (1) provide access to the product feed, and (2) place a Mercanto tag in the header of your website. Mercanto’s Client Services team will guide you through the setup process. Once you are set up, adding Spotify-style AI personalization to your email campaigns becomes as simple as drag-and-drop.

Step 1: a bit of setup

(1) Provide access to the product feed, and (2) install a lightweight JS snippet on your website.

Step 2: Create your 1:1 campaigns

Then, use Mercanto’s drag-and-drop interface to create beautiful emails that’ll render individualized content – without needing to know HTML code.

Step 3: paste and send!

Export send-ready code from Mercanto, paste into Emarsys, and send!

How Mercanto works

Inject AI personalization into Emarsys

By activating Mercanto’s services, clients realize a streamlined workflow to build, curate, personalize, deliver, measure, and optimize truly individualized emails. See how Spotify-style AI personalization can add 30%-70% to your email revenues in this short video:

Inject AI personalization into Emarsys

Ready to see the magic?