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Some call it professional services. Some call it managed services. We prefer to think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

How We Help

Looking for powerful ways to increase your engagement? Want to deliver remarkable customer experiences at any scale? With just a little setup assistance from our Client Services team, you'll be able to deliver unique emails to every single person on your list.

Expand your marketing team overnight

Best practices, guided implementations and consulting services to maximise your ROI. Services & marketing accelerators for every phase of the customer engagement.

Data Science as a service provides the intelligence you’ve been craving

Leverage our data science team to uncover patterns and actionable insights hidden deep within your data.

Mercanto’s Commitment


We use our experience to add value beyond the immediate request.


Mercanto is committed to responding to client’s queries and requests in a timely manner.


We effectively set priorities with the client.


We develop strong relationships throughout your team.


You will always have access to all supporting Mercanto team members, even during after hour emergencies.


We keep clients informed of the status of all projects/initiatives.


It gets overwhelming to work with multiple technology vendors so it's important to understand if your personalisation platform is growing their partnerships with the vendors you work already with. What’s involved in connecting the solutions together, and will it cost extra? Are integrations resource-intensive or turnkey? Mercanto is more than partners, we're friends with these industry leaders:-

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