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Some call it professional services. Some call it managed services. We prefer to think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

How We Help

Looking for powerful ways to increase your engagement? Want to deliver remarkable customer experiences at any scale? With just a little setup assistance from our Client Services team, you'll be able to deliver unique emails to every single person on your list.


Identify Business Goals

The first component of roadmap creation is to understand your business goals. Based on the business goals, we can collaboratively pinpoint strategies and KPIs that support those goals.


Proof of concept

In this step, you’ll be conducting a Pilot exercise and executing the initial plans you’ve prepared. Start with a Pilot that aligns with your KPIs and delivers early successes to build confidence and momentum.

You’ll learn loads from the Pilot and can carry those insights into step three - operationalise.



This is a perfect time to review how your marketing technology stack will support your long-term KPIs.  With a solid vision in place, you'll be able to start evaluating the current approach to personalisation and what could be done better.

At a minimum, some level of machine learning is necessary, but the best platforms leverage natural language processing in addition to machine learning to fully understand consumer tastes and interests.

Make sure they explain the technology in business language because personalisation is a marketing issue, and the technology has to match. 

Inter-Platform Connectivity

It gets overwhelming to work with multiple technology vendors so it's important to understand if your personalisation platform is growing their partnerships with the vendors you work already with. What’s involved in connecting the solutions together, and will it cost extra? Are integrations resource-intensive or turnkey? Mercanto is more than partners, we're friends with these industry leaders:-

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