Mercanto launches email personalisation platform; announces integration with SendGrid

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LONDON, September 19, 2018, /PRNewswire/ — Mercanto, the world leader in AI email personalization, today announced the launch of Mercanto Canvas, a platform that helps retailers better understand and communicate with their customers.

“Now it’s clear that Amazon aims to sell customers everything, and therefore no retailers are safe. Amazon has launched fashion, pharma, and electronics categories, and has acquired its way into groceries.

From today onward, retailers must innovate at the same pace as Amazon. However, many retailers are resource-constrained and find it challenging to innovate at scale. Mercanto provides AI-powered email personalisation as a service, to help retailers speed their execution in this critical area.” said Peter Duffy, CEO of Mercanto.

Mercanto firstly builds a taste profile for each consumer, incorporating the full spectrum of the customer’s behaviour, including search queries, browsing activity, and purchases, instantly adjusting to the customer’s actions while incorporating prior history.

Mercanto Canvas enables marketers to take their existing static email templates and make them wholly or partially individualized with simple drag-and-drop technology. Rather than displaying the same content in each campaign, content is personalized with recommendations for each user, regardless of the number of recipients.

To marry the power of machine learning personalization and enterprise-class campaign deployment, Mercanto has also announced an integration with SendGrid, a leading digital communication platform that drives engagement and growth.

“Mercanto’s integration with SendGrid’s email delivery platform helps retailers engage with customers through our industry-leading delivery technology. Because Mercanto maintains a taste profile for each shopper, emails can offer genuinely personal recommendations instead of suggestions based on buyer demographics or “people like you,” said Elliot Goldwater, Director of Partnerships at SendGrid. “Moreover, campaign production is as simple as pasting Mercanto HTML into the SendGrid platform.”

Through this partnership, Marketers can personalize emails with the most relevant and tailored content, while still leveraging SendGrid’s powerful campaign management, delivery, and reporting capabilities. This is important because you have already established an excellent deliverability reputation with SendGrid – which is what helps you get into the inbox.

About Mercanto

Mercanto helps retailers better understand and communicate with their customers. The Mercanto platform helps companies send individually relevant emails at any scale, through practically any email provider. Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in London. Please visit us at or follow us on Twitter @MercantoCRM.

SOURCE: Mercanto

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