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Thanks a mil @TechNation!

Thanks a mil @TechNation … honoured to be featured by folks who really understand the

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Why segmentation is NOT personalisation

For most shoppers, the Christmas season can mean early mornings hunting for the perfect gift

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ai in medieval times

How to get ahead in AI email personalisation

The Dark Ages.

For anyone not really acquainted with medieval history, the Dark Ages was

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team photo

Mercanto launches email personalisation platform; announces integration with SendGrid

LONDON, September 19, 2018, /PRNewswire/ — Mercanto, the world leader in AI email personalization, today

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AI robot

Dynamic Content In The Era of Machine Learning

The first time Amazon showed me the perfect book for me via their recommendation engine,

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Enter serendipity

Email Marketing: Creating Serendipity via Natural Language Processing

Being the world’s repository of random knowledge, the internet has a reputation for stimulating serendipitous

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Google AI assistant

Google Duplex: The what, the ethics, the implications for retail CRM and email

Announced on Tuesday at Google I/O developer conference, Google Duplex is a new AI technology

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AI better

2017 accomplishment: drag-and-drop AI email marketing

Mercanto’s 2017 accomplishment was to create the world’s first drag-and-drop AI email marketing platform.


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Au cyber cafe

The 7 deadly myths of AI marketing

Why AI will help retailers usher in an era of extreme personalization

Amongst all the

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God doesn't play dice

Deterministic and probabilistic data models in email marketing

How we see and interpret variation in the world affects the decisions we make. Part

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