[Playbook] Welcome To The AI Revolution

Marketing is in the midst of an AI revolution that challenges the fundamentals of the traditional marketing playbook. At stake is the opportunity to drive breakthrough marketing results, based on a genuine 1:1 dialog with each individual consumer.

AI marketing 24 dec

Marketing professionals everywhere understand they must seize the new opportunities, lead the way, and profit from the exciting and extraordinary opportunities created by the AI revolution. 

Inside this playbook, we share practical advice and best practice when it comes to applying artificial intelligence in email campaigns. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. How Natural Language Processing, a subfield of AI, automatically extracts ‘tokens’ from product descriptions.
  2. How a Spotify-style ‘taste profile’ enables the marketer to understand each consumer’s unique and evolving shopping tastes.
  3. How Neural Networks take both product and consumer data and automatically rank products for each consumer. 

And the best bit? AI email personalization delivers an email revenue uplift of approximately 30%-70%, and reduces campaign production time to less than ten minutes.

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