Email personalisation made simple

Show each shopper exactly what they like. Without changing your ESP.

Drive revenue and conversion improvements faster than ever before.

Mercanto builds a taste profile for each shopper and enables you to deliver genuinely individualised campaigns at any scale. We work with the ESP of your choice, so getting started is a breeze.

Show each shopper exactly what they like

What if you had the same power that Spotify has to curate the most relevant content to each individual person at scale? What if you were able to get closer to your shoppers instead of further away?Mercanto gives retailers the same power that Spotify has to understand each individual shopper and dynamically display products that most interest every individual.

Win bigger - more often

No more hit-or-miss personalisation. Mercanto dynamically ranks content for each shopper based on their individual taste profile, but also incorporates an element of diversity to keep your emails fresh and relevant.This delivers delightful email experiences that are perpetually adapting to each shopper's unique tastes.

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Improve productivity, increase creativity

Mercanto automates the manual, time consuming process of 1:1 campaign production and enables your team to build and deploy 100% individualised campaigns in less than 10 minutes. Because you can now build 1:1 campaigns in minutes, you have the bandwidth to try new creative and strategic approaches.

Some of the ways to maximise your revenues, catalogue exposure, and retention:


Know your customer

Digital business pros recognise they cannot truly personalise experiences if they don’t understand each customer’s unique tastes and interests. Mercanto builds a taste profile for each customer, based on their lifetime tastes and interests - not just the last click or abandoned purchase.

Drive deeper engagement

To meet customer expectations of rich, individual experiences, marketers must help their firms evolve their personalization strategy from segmentation to individualisation. Machine learning can match each shopper's unique tastes with a deep understanding of product-level data. This enables you to drive sales, engagement, and customer lifetime value.

Launch with confidence and get up and running fast

Mercanto offers a Proof of Concept so you can test the platform and prove its value before you pull the trigger. Our streamlined migration process lets you keep what you like, modify what needs improvement, and build the 1:1 campaigns you've always dreamed of. We seamlessly integrate with popular ESPs and other platforms. In a few easy steps, you can quickly launch and start driving business results.

Encourage product discovery

It’s critical to encourage browsing and shopping – even when the consumer does not have an identifiable need. Mercanto's AI understands your unique subscribers, products, and the nuances of how they are connected. By consistently merchandising fresh and relevant products, marketers can maximise product discovery and purchase.

Show each shopper exactly what they like!